Summertime Reveries

I cannot believe it is autumn already especially cause it felt like we only had a wisp of a summer this year around in Britain. None the less, I made the most of it by springing to the park with my toddler and picnic mat, every time Mr Sun out for a few hours, to do a spot of  quick sunbathing before the ominous clouds loomed back in. Fast forward to Mid October, and even with the crisp cold autumn air and the crunchy yellow-brown leaves lying everywhere, I find that my mind is still stuck in summer-mode wanting to spend a few more weeks doing summertime things! However I just managed to push myself into wrapping up a few projects that I started 4 months ago! I’ve still got a few more to go before I can finish it all and post about it on the blog. So bear with me while my mind and soul catchup with the season and read on to know aaalll the things I dabbled in this past summer!

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A time for new things!

This is my first post since coming back from a short but momentous holiday to India, after taking care of some hugely important personal affairs there; and though I thoroughly enjoyed not getting my hands dirty in the kitchen for a while and being served the most wonderful home fares by my mother and other relatives, I was still itching to try new recipes I’ve come across, in the comfort and familiarity of my own small kitchen.

My mother sent me away loaded with a precious bounty of home-made masalas, cookwares, utensils and other less-readily available delicacies from my hometown, all to last a whole lifetime! My kitchen cabinets are full to bursting and finding certain spices, spoons and other smaller things are becoming a rather regular task for me these days. I recently tried out a new set of Tupperware product which was gifted to us by some very nice people during our visit to India. It’s a two tiered Microwave idli stand cum steamer that comes with a basket attachment and a cute little ladle. After adding a small amount of water at the bottom of the dish and lightly oiling the idli plates, I lowered the loaded plates on the basket and microwaved it for close to 5 minutes.  The resulting idlis were fabulously soft and spongy like the ones prepared in a traditional metal steamer or pressure cooker. Here are some pictures of it…

The idli stand all ready to be steamed…

 The finished Idlis, all spongy and soft. 

And what we had for lunch this Sunday.

Something else I prepared during the weeked was this Banana Halwa that I had been planning on making for quite a while now. Having a load of fully ripened Bananas and a good recipe to put it to use with, I set about making this delicacy that I last tasted almost 10 years ago where I lived in Kerela.