The sugar detox diet so far

Have you found honey? Eat only as much as you need, lest you be filled with it and vomit. Proverbs 25:16

I love sweet things. I love it ALL. Cakes, ice cream, sweets, chocolate, honey, desserts, cola drinks, milkshakes. And every other thing made with sweet sweet sugar. I have been known to splurge my 2000 calories a day on sugary foods alone believing if I stay within my RDA I wont put on weight. Well, I believed a lie. My sweet-tooth has cost me a lot of weight gain, my health and a lot of tears on not able to get into my favourite clothes.  Until about a few weeks ago when I picked up The Sugar Detox book at my library I was all but ignorant of the negative effects of consuming sugary foods. So after reading the book I took the plunge and went on the suggested three-day intense detox diet eliminating all sugar, starch and dairy foods from my diet. It wasnt as bad i had thought. Surprisingly for the first three days and following week I’ve not been lacking in energy, had no afternoon slump or felt much craving so far. My husband noticed how much clearer and shinier my skin is and asked me if I had tried a new cream lately!

The clearer skin is just the start of the list of benefits you can gain from eliminating sugar from your diet. In the first three days alone, I shifted 2 kilos of body weight (mostly water weight and false belly fat) and felt much lighter quite instantly. I’m on week three of the diet now  which permits me to reintroduce healthy sugar into my system by adding a portion of fruit such as apple or berries. So far I have a lost a combined total of 5 kilos of body weight. My postpartum tummy is definitely looking much flatter and my clothes are fitting me much better.

Most of all, I have the energy and the drive to carpe diem with my little son! I haven’t felt this good in ages and I put it all down to the elimination of sugar and refined carbs in my diet. Being a rice-lover, giving it up during the early days was a bit of a challenge for me. However I’m amazed at how I don’t miss it anymore and am quite happy with all the protein and vegetables I’m stuffing my face with.

I’ve mainly been rotating a few basic food ingredients in a bid to keep it simple as I was also cooking my son and hubby regular meals alongside. I ate a lot of chicken, eggs, tofu, nuts and humongous quantities of approved veggies.

What this book helped me realise, recognise and break was my lifetime addiction to sugar and carb rich foods that I had no awareness of practically. I used to feel that I had no self control when it comes to food options. Not anymore though. Going on this detox has curbed my sweet-tooth to a great extent.

If you have struggled like I have with losing weight and feel frustrated about it, I would highly recommend the sugar detox to you.

It is quite convenient for me that I started this diet during the Lenten season. I have a lot more energy, concentration and time to spend in prayer and Bible reading owing to this. I believe I have been able to draw closer to the lord after breaking this carb/sugar addiction I had. My Lord has already trodden this path before me spending 40 days in the wilderness with only water and the Holy Spirit as His nourishment, and He knows what it is like for us. His battle unlike mine wasnt against an addiction to food, but against the curse of death. And He Prevailed.

Whatever your addiction, food or any other, may I encourage you to take the first step towards your liberty. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is having Self control when faced with temptation to sin (Galations :22). We would do well to develop this fruit of self control in us no matter how long it takes and put in the effort it involves going against our hardwired obstinacies.

Like a city whose walls are broken through

    is a person who lacks self-control.  Proverbs 25:28

Start today. Whatever you need to remove from your life, ask the spirit to be your cheer leader and your strength in times of weakness and claim the victory that has already been won for us by Christ Jesus on the cross.


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