Milk Carton Bus

Lately, one of my son’s favorite rhyme to sing along to is ‘the wheels on the bus…’ one. Hardly a surprise at this age! Most toddlers I know of love the song and are asking their mums to sing it to them or play it on YouTube over and over. My son is no exception.  In fact, yesterday, we sang it on our bus ride to the local shopping center which my little boy rather enjoyed, while staring out the window the whole time. Who’d have thought ‘a bus ride’ of all things could bring so much happiness to my little son!  Ah, the simple joys of life.

We had such a fun time outside despite not getting much shopping done; mainly as I was trying to keep up with my son who was riding his scooter all over the shops. But one of the best decisions I made recently was ditching the use of pushchair/buggy while I’m out with my son. These days, I only take the buggy with me if I go outside during his nap-time. Without being strapped up, I find that he is a lot less troublesome and actively wanders about soaking in and observing all the sights and sounds around him. It was such a joy to see him whiz about excitedly like never before.

Anyhow, I thought, it would be a really nice idea to remember the day by making a little bus toy for my boy with a milk carton that was lying around. A quick search on Google came up thousands of ways to make buses and cars out of cartons; but I settled on this one for inspiration by one very clever lady, aptly named origamimommy. Her tutorial is actually for a truck, which I have modified into a bus and it was fairly easy to make. Here it is


If you are wondering why the “63”; I put it there ’cause that’s the bus we got on to go to our shopping center! (The Northfield Shopping Center! You’d know if you are a Brummie too) On to the tutorial now

Things you need:

  • Milk or juice carton
  • Wooden skewers
  • Milk bottle caps
  • Drinking straws
  • Fire retardant tapes in various colors
  • Foam sheets (optional, could use anything else you have to hand: velvet paper or card)
  • Some other spare cardboard cartons to use to cover up the milk carton or just Acrylic paint to cover up. (I didn’t have any)
  • And of course, scissors, pva glue etc



  1. First remove the cap on the carton and gently maneuver the plastic bit on top the it screws on to, without tampering the carton; Poke holes into the milk tops with a screw or metal skewer or screw driver, making sure the hole is only big enough for the wooden skewer to pass through; Trim the wooden skewer measuring it against the width of the carton, pass it through a short length of straw and fit the ‘wheels’ on either end (the straw isn’t visible in the 3rd photo as it is a light-colored one)
  2. If you have acrylic paint, go ahead and give your carton a coat or two of paint and let it dry at this stage. I didn’t have any paint to hand, so I cut up some other spare cartons and glued it to my milk carton to cover up its sides. I also added some colored tape to the edges to cover the rough edges of the cardboard.
  3. Next, put the wheels on the bus [;-)] by taping the straw-bottle cap-skewer attachment to the back of the milk carton. Now you have a bus with wheels that actually go round and round when you give it a push! How about that?!
    image DSC_0882
  4. Grab a sketch pen or permanent marker and paint some windows, a door and write your local bus number on it.
    DSC_0885 image
  5. Give it a test ride!

My little boy absolutely adores it. He has quite a lot of Hotwheels cars to play with, but this is the first Bus to join his toy collection. After playing with it the whole of today, the bus’ wheels started coming off from time to time; but it’s still got a lot more ‘ride’ left in it !


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