Mini Mozzarella Quiche & Oatmeal Banana Muffins


Another first. I made quiche for the first time. Albeit my dislike for anything-cheesy, i made it for my husband who adores cheese and he thought i did a pretty good job for a first effort.




I took the recipe from here and made only minor changes to it, replacing the mushrooms for cherry tomatoes and added single cream instead of milk; both of which were lying around in my fridge and needed to be used up.


Oatmeal and Banana Muffins

image(6)On to a recipe for super easy and healthy oats and banana muffins now. I have previously tried and failed numerous times in my efforts to make the ever popular banana bread. I’ve also known friends who were in a similar quandary to me, who’ve tried different recipes and still couldn’t come up with a decent BB. But this recipe i stumbled across was a pleasant surprise. Although it is not a proper BB recipe, it’s close enough and i don’t have to end up throwing ripened bananas in the bin. So it worked for me just as well. Until i find a good banana bread recipe, this will be my go to recipe if i have old bananas knocking about.




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