Oh well, I haven’t been cooking very much of late and hence haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to. Coming to think of it, it would be really nice for whoever you are to leave me a comment if you happen to read this post. I’ve been blog-hopping of late and got myself incredibly envious after reading some really good ones with rather large readerships;I do admit that if I spent a lot more time adding posts on topics of great interest and editing the layout instead of complaining of the number of hits I recieve, I would probably have much better than just a couple of you reading this space.

Even so, if you happen to stumble upon my blog somehow. Please. Leave a comment.
Say Hi atleast!
But only say nice things about me.

I will even start posting on non-food topics in my blog, if that is what interests the majority of the people out there who have no interest whatsoever in food, except eating it. Infact I am even going to make this post you are reading a general one, talking mostly about myself, so you my good readers can know me better!

I go by the name Sharmila. That is my real name, and I am 27 years old, married to a wonderful man named Bensley and live with him in the British Isles along with our little boy Ryan, who is 2 and half years old. I studied for a degree in Journalism in Madras, India; but decided against becoming a Journalist soon after and ended up being drawn to a career in Marketing and PR since coming to the UK. Before choosing to stay at home after my son’s birth I used to primarily work as a copywriter helping businesses and organisations market themselves better; but I must add that I have been writing since I was 10, mostly chronicling the events in my life in the pages of dairies and notebooks I lay my hands on.

About 8 years ago I decided to go digital and started blogging at a site called Tblog, when I was at college. I went by the name wittygal (yeah, corny name. I know) and posted on general topics and sometimes fiction. I had a decent fan following, lots of blog friends, plenty of comments, blah di blah. But the blog died after I paid it lesser attention trying to clear my semesters for my degree. Soon enough many other girls in my batch copied after me and started their own blogs. I deleted my blog and went back to maintaining a physical journal instead.

I’ve had one other blog since then and now maintain this cookery one after I got addicted to dishing out things from inside my kitchen since marrying Bensley. I have decided to write on other topics and not just post on food in my blog after reading a whole galore of blog writers and their works the last couple of weeks. Although it will mostly be stories from my life, my role as a wife, christian and writer and other things. I have recently been on a journey to find out more about myself and discovered that I am not honest with myself most of the time. So I am going to try and use this space to brave up and shed all the falsity I have built around my life and myself;but that is not to say that I would be baring my soul out for the world to know every detail of my life.

I guess that is enough information about me for one post. I shall save the rest for the future ones.

And here’s a picture to put a face to the girl behind this blog.


That’s my son and I at a messy art playgroup for toddlers

 And here’s another fun picture of myself from a few years ago. My Husband took this picture after my first attempt at rag curling!


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