Easy Handmade Christmas Decorations

Belated Christmas Wishes everyone! I hope you have all had a fun and blessed Christmas day. I really should have posted this a few days ago but the demands of being a mum to a toddler and preparing for the festive occasion held me back a little. I did have a fabulous time celebrating with my family; although i didn’t go all out to cook as much as I used to in the previous years, I stuck to simple fares like my tried and tested Coconut milk biryani and my mother’s Chicken gravy for lunch. And made medu vada, Idli for breakfast and for dessert we feasted on a homemade rich fruit cake and a simpler chocolate pound cake for my chocoholic husband.

Now you will be surprised to know that the highlight of this year’s Christmas wasn’t all the homemade food I managed to prepare; instead it is all the crafty handmade decorations I created that I am really most proud of. But first a little prelude to my crafty creations.

I recently started going to a rather friendly outdoors group held in our local park that is run by the rangers there. I call it forest school for ease of reference; and I am absolutely delighted that I came upon this group. I have never missed a week since I found out about it and I can now safely say that this city girl has been transformed into a outdoorsy nature loving girl! My son and I have so much fun every time we are there. I have learned how to build a fire, build dens out of logs, make art out of pieces of wood, make wreathes etc., amongst other things.

My toddler of a son wasn’t quite interested in the whole thing initially. After a few weeks into the month though, he is a changed boy. Lets just say that both mother and son come home covered in dirt from head to toe having had way too much fun and fresh air. 🙂

On my first day at ‘Forest School’ I had the ranger help me cut lots of hazel and willow and lugged the whole load back home resting on top of my son’s pushchair. I all but forgot about my sticks until a few days before Christmas and decided to make something out of it. And this is what I came up with.

A simple alternative Christmas tree to display ornaments on


And a few other simpler decorations


I’ve used lashing techniques to bind the sticks which makes these decorations completely au natural and environment friendly to make. All you need is different lengths of any kind of wood (cut with a pair of secateurs or loppers ) and some cord or twine depending on how heavy your wood/sticks are. It is basically a matter of typing them up after that; I have used diagonal lashing, sheer lashing and ladder lashing techniques for my decorations here. You can find tutorials for all these lashing techniques on YouTube. Whats more, I made these in under a few hours and the satisfaction and pride I felt at seeing my finished creations are immense.

Oh, and I went to town with my wreath-making skills!




So here you are. Easy to make, inexpensive, fun and organic Christmas decorations for your home. So go on, go to your local park or nearby woodlands or even your own backyard, gets some sticks and start getting creative! But be warned, it can be quite addictive and you may end up with a house full of handcrafted items. 🙂

Be blessed



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