Mum’s Night Out – Movie Review

Want to watch a movie with no foul language or sleazy plot but still makes you laugh? Watch Mom’s Night Out! That’s the review in a gist. Read on if you want to know how much i really enjoyed it…

I’m the kind of person who barely watches movies; add to that the fact that I decided not to watch ‘any television’ programmes at all since having my son, for the sake of my own mental health and his (I found it cluttered my mind with a lot of rubbish and prevented me from thinking straight, on top of making me practically lazy and unfit) Anyhoo, after putting sonny boy to bed one night I really wanted to do something other than reading or browsing the internet and so after browsing for nearly an hour on Virgin’s movie lists for something decent to watch, i settled on this one.

I must confess that I wasn’t expecting much from this movie at all to begin with, but it turned out to be a really entertaining. The movies’s target audience (Ii.e, stressed out and overwhelmed mums like moi with young toddler/s baby/ies) is quite a narrow one and the reviews I read before watching the movie were mainly misleading and discouraging; mostly, i guess, because it is a Christian movie!! Yes folks, although the movie doesn’t go all out to preach the bible to you, ( seriously, you couldn’t really have guessed this was christian stuff until the last few minutes of movie) neither does it portray Christianity or Jesus or the church in bad light at all.

The plot basically revolves around a frazzled mum of three who decides to give herself her first night out in ages after having a near breakdown. Her ‘night out’ doesn’t go according to plan and she and her buddies, her best friend and the Pastor’s wife, spend the rest of the night in a kind of an adventure trying to help another girl find her missing baby. Initially this should sound straight forward, except its not. The three ladies leave their kids in the inept hands of their husband on their night out and that is where most things go wrong; but not really that badly, i should add.

For a christian mum like me, it was a really good movie to watch. I mean, i didn’t know they made movies with out swear words and sexual references like this in Hollywood at all. So go ahead, next time you want to watch a movie by yourself or your partner (or even with your kids, it is PG rated as it has mild violence in it.  But I mean really mild), choose this one. I am so impressed with this movie, I am actually going to suggest it for movie night either at my church or at my next small group session.



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