Tuna buns and plaited rolls

I’ve been on a baking roll these past few days and quite enjoyed preparing and eating freshly made breads and cakes while enjoying the aroma while it wafts around my little flat. I find that baking has become my new stress buster; especially when my toddler has decided to give me tough time through the day or when the weather isn’t pleasant enough to venture outside.

Here are a few things I’ve tried out recently and really enjoyed the results thereof



Tuna buns and plaited rolls.

I used the recipe from here for the dough and used a spicy tuna filling to fill the buns and rolls with. I must say that the bread was fabulously soft and springy and my husband has demanded I make these for lunch for him for week now on! I previously used the same recipe to make some chicken rolls, although it tasted very good didn’t yield a softer texture as with the tuna bread. And I think the reason may have been that I used more liquid to knead the dough which gave rise to a more airy and springy texture. It is definitely hard to work/knead with a considerably wet dough, but i know now that once its proved, it will have absorbed a lot of the liquid and will result in a luxurious soft texture.

 Failed BB attempt


Banana Bread Fail !

I’ve been left with surplus ripened bananas the past few weeks and I have been trying recipe after recipe to get a proper Banana Bread. But the thing is proving elusive and came out underbaked in my last attempt. But I will not be defeated by a bunch of blackened bananas; I will keep trying until I perfect my method in baking the right BB.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

In other news, I have been reading books from my newly purchased e-book bundle and I am truly impressed and humbled by the inspiring ladies who wrote these books while leading christ-based lives. I just finished reading an  e-book on Cloth Diapers – A how to book on the basics of cloth diapering by Rachel Boreing. I found it fascinating and will definitely try cloth diapering with my next poppet as my first one is already potty trained and out of nappies at nearly 2 years old. Come to think of it, I have never really liked putting disposables on my wee one when he was younger, but I stuck with it as though being afraid to deviate from the norm that most mothers widely follow. Being an Indian mother, I did however mix up disposable nappies with cloth diapers on days when I felt I could handle a bit more washing. I think the problem lies in thinking that cloth diapering involves a lot more work than disposables – which although is true in one way, is not really that bad once you get in the groove of things. Cloth diapering is making a big comeback and I only wish that more mothers will give it a try instead of choosing the easiest option of using disposables without consideration.

Coming up…

My little boy is turning 2 next month and I am very excited on planning his birthday party. Although it is only a small party I want my wee one and his little friends to have fun things to eat on the day, so I’ve been planning baking all sorts of crazy things in my head. I will soon post pictures after the birthday and hope that you will have a blessed week ahead.


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