A Busy Bella and her Bath !?

Or, well… err, just Bisi Bele Baath. 

Corny joke aside, I finally succeeded in my attempts at making this good old rice dish with a funny name that is ever so popular in Southern India. In my previous attempts I have never been able to get the consistency or the flavours in the dish ‘just right’, thanks to the only baby-sized pressure cooker in my kitchen, that I would often have to wash after each use to cook the lentils, rice and the veggies in turns for making the dish. And not to mention the long list of spices that need to be roasted and ground to give that right level of pungency and flavour; I would have almost given up making it altogether had it not been for two lovely people whose gifts of love have made my life so much easier. First, my mother’s fabulous homemade sambhar podi that she so generously packed by the truck load; and I’m glad she did so, cause I seem to be reaching for it by the spoonfuls almost everyday in my cooking. And the second is a Super duper large Pressure cooker (compared to the one I had earlier on) by my very thoughtful Sister in Law.

My new pressure cooker flanked by the miniscule older one.

And here’s a picture of the best Bisi Bele Baath I have ever tasted…

…with a dollop of thick yoghurt by the side

I followed a recipe from here down to the tee, but replaced the multitude of ground spices with my mother’s version and threw in every rotting vegetable I could find in the fridge.  The proportion I stuck to was a cup and a half of rice for one cup of lentils; and added about 8 cups of water along with veggies and cooked it down to a delicious-looking-brown-sludge!

Something else I made for the first time was this Chilli Chicken recipe inspired by a similar dish that we had the pleasure of tasting at my Husband’s Aunt’s home last month. Here’s what it looked like…



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