Godhuma Dosai

I am very fond of Dosas and have had so many good times in the past experimenting with different kinds of batters and consistencies. And although I have quite mastered the art of making the regular dosa involving the laborious tasks of soaking, grinding and fermenting the batter, it is often the instant non-fermented dosa types that I always happen to mess up. During an earlier time I remember my frustrating attempts at making rava dosas that always came out unappetizingly soggy no matter which different method I tried out. Slowly but steadily, I have learnt some tricks and tips to make crisper dosas and also got a rather large electric griddle to make some massive dosas to satisfy those sudden cravings for home-style comfort food. Last night I tried my hand at making Godhuma dosais that my mother would make once every fortnight or so, as a nice change from the rice dinners we’d have through the week.

Here’s my gorgeous-looking crispy and thin wheat dosa

And another picture..

And to get my dosas really crisp all I did was dilute the batter to a very thin consistency, crank up the heat to as high as it could reach and then pour ladleful after ladleful of it on the griddle forming a lace-like pattern until the entire pan is covered. It goes without saying that this takes a lot of patience and practice; it may not turn out perfect right on the first attempt but it is worth all the hard work and patience you can put into it, all for the moment when you bite into your first mouthful of the crisp and brittle dosas.

I made a simple chutney to go with it made from fresh coconut and dried red chillies just like my mum used to serve these dosas with.



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