…Of Beef and Fish

A first. Not being a beefeater myself, I was wary of trying out a beef dish on my own. Luckily it turned out ok for a first time effort. The only regret was that the meat had turned a touch chewy from overcooking. The masala part was fantastic, and here’s where I took the recipe from. I made slight changes to it to make it more of a curry than a side dish.


Another dish I tried for the first time is the Tuna fishcake pictured below. I had it once in a restaurant and it tasted absolutely fresh and so moreish that I had to try making it myself at home. And putting it together was a child’s play; a couple of boiled potatoes, some tuna, chopped onions, coriander, turmeric, chillies and salt was all I had used. You could add any spices you like and some chopped ginger can be added to bring some zinginess to it. But I liked this simpler version mainly because I could taste the flavourful tuna with the onions and chillies adding texture and heat in every bite I took.


A couple of more pictures..




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