Easter tidings

Easter, this year, has brought with it great joy and comfort to me more than any other year I could think of so far. Holding on through lent, life looked rather bleak and wintry for a number of reasons. But fortunately enough, hope and joy never fails to recover during this season each year, thanks to a certain Jewish Carpenter who died and yet lived, proving that neither death nor suffering can defeat His purpose for my life. I left no stone unturned in whipping out sweetmeats that are quite popular from my native town to mark and celebrate a new beginning this Easter. A small platter of these went out to close friends and to a couple of neighbours whom I hope that someday will join with me in celebrating this resurrection.

Here’s what I made…

Chocolate snowballs rolled in coconut, Kalakand Burfi, Sweet poli and slices cut off a chocolate slab cake.

More pictures for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of my husband…

 Eggs and egg-shaped things

 the sweet poli

and the chicken varuval I made to go with my coconut rice

Recipes for of these dishes are aplenty on the internet. But I am ready to respond to any queries. Hope this Easter brings to you as much joy and peace as it has to me.



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