Elephant yam and yardlong beans

I’ve recently taken a fancy to cooking with vegetables I’ve hardly eaten before and this post happens to about two of them. A large lump of chena kilangu and a rather big bunch of yardlong beans that I bought had been lying neglected in the kitchen for weeks,all for want of good recipes. I finally came around to cooking them this week and both the veggies turned out absolutely wonderful to my surprise. I will be sure to cook these more often now on.

Here’s what the beans looked like in the end

The recipe I followed is similar to the one found here

With the yam, I chose to shallw fry thick slices of it with very little addition of spices, after par boiling it for a while. It turned out being very close in taste and texture to that of a fried fish, but only much better than it. It would be make a wonderful alternative to those who like their fish but dont want to go through the hassle of cleaning or marinating  one.

I had both these dishes to go with my rice and yogurt and it just couldn’t have tasted any better.



2 thoughts on “Elephant yam and yardlong beans

  1. Hi Sharmila,

    I am Prathiba from The indian food court. U have a wonderful blog. Welcome to the blogging world. Keep up the good work!!!!


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